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  • Even heating

  • Durable design

  • Excellent searing


  • Not very nonstick

  • No pour spouts

About Anolon X Cookware

A person cooking three salmon fillets on an Anolon X skillet, surrounded by other Anolon X cookware
Credit: Anolon

The Anolon X Cookware offers several pot and pan varieties to suit a variety of kitchen tasks.

This cookware line from Anolon claims to streamline your pots and pans to deliver all your needs in one hybrid material.

The cookware is designed to deliver the benefits of both stainless steel and nonstick, thanks to its unique SearTech stainless steel grid matched with a nonstick finish. This hybrid design also means it's safe to use with metal utensils, and it can be transferred into the oven up to 500°F.

The design also boasts a thick, durable base that keeps oil in the center, plus flush rivets and a helper handle for ultimate ease of use.

We tried the Anolon X 12-inch skillet to see how well this hybrid material could deliver on both nonstick and stainless steel results, and whether it's worth bringing into your kitchen.

What we like

It sears and deglazes wonderfully

Left: two steaks searing on the Anolon X pan. Right: wooden spoon pushing a deglazing sauce to showcase it releasing
Credit: Reviewed / Monica Petrucci

Searing steak—and using its lingering flavor to create a sauce—was a dream with this pan.

The stainless steel base, matched with the SearTech grid, resulted in some seriously impressive searing results.

This pan seared two sirloin steaks beautifully during our tests, delivering even browning across both cuts of meat. Once we removed the steaks to rest, we took advantage of the lingering fond that the pan helped produce. We sautéed shallots and fresh herbs before adding wine to deglaze the pan, and we were able to incorporate all those flavors from the steak into a delicious reduction.

The best part? Once the sauce was reduced, cleanup was a breeze because all of that stuck-on residue was easily released.

It heats evenly

The Anolon X with flour and grease, evenly browned throughout
Credit: Reviewed / Monica Petrucci

We greased and floured the pan, leaving it on medium heat to monitor how evenly it browned across the surface.

Aside from the proof delivered from searing two steaks, we were also able to see how evenly this pan distributes heat by greasing and flouring the pan and monitoring it on medium heat.

The results were impressive (but not surprising): The flour browned evenly throughout the pan without revealing any obvious hot spots.

It boasts a durable, high-quality design

The Anolon X with olive oil centered in the middle of the pan.
Credit: Reviewed / Monica Petrucci

As promised, this Anolon X pan keeps oil in the middle of the pan without sliding.

Upon unboxing this pan for testing, its high-quality build was evident.

It boasts a heavyweight design with a thick base that holds and distributes weight effectively. Plus, its promise to keep oil in the middle of the pan—without falling to the edges—held true during testing.

We also love the skillet's flush rivets, which make stirring and scrubbing a breeze. Its built-in helper handle was especially useful due to the pan's slightly heavyweight design—especially when transferring it from stovetop to oven.

What we don't like

Its nonstick promise falls short

Left: a fried egg messily flipped with stuck-on remnants. Right: an omelet cooking on the Anolon X surrounded by stuck-on egg pieces.
Credit: Reviewed / Monica Petrucci

This pan may not be ideal for cooking delicate foods like eggs.

One of the first tests we conducted with this pan was a simple fried egg. We were excited to be wowed by how well it released the egg due to its nonstick coating.

Unfortunately, we were disappointed. Even after greasing the pan with butter beforehand, we weren't able to cleanly flip the egg. Instead, it broke apart and left tacked-on residue that was difficult to clean afterward.

The pan performed slightly better in the omelet test (we used significantly more butter), but it still paled in comparison to some of our favorite nonstick skillets. It still took some effort to flip the sides of the omelet, and the end result was aesthetically disappointing.

There are no pour spouts

Given that this pan is at least partially designed for searing, we would have loved to see pour spouts incorporated in the design. Removing excess fat from the pan after searing steak took a little extra care to not make a mess (or accidentally burn ourselves with hot oil in the process).

This downside isn't a deal-breaker—just a missing element we would have liked to see included.

Should you buy Anolon X cookware?

Yes, if nonstick isn't a high priority

Two cuts of steak being seared on the Anolon X.
Credit: Reviewed / Monica Petrucci

Although this pan doesn't release foods as easily as purely nonstick skillets, it can help you achieve flavorful sears.

If you're interested in Anolon X cookware primarily for its nonstick promises, you may be disappointed by its performance. We found that while it boasts better nonstick properties than a traditional stainless steel pan, it won't release foods as easily as a dedicated nonstick skillet like our best ceramic nonstick skillet, the GreenPan Valencia Pro.

However, if your main draw to this cookware line is its SearTech features, high-quality design, and ability to hold oil in the middle of the pan, you can be confident that it will deliver. This skillet can assist in a wide range of kitchen tasks—from searing and pan-frying to baking in the oven.

Product image of Anolon X Frying Pan
Anolon X Frying Pan

This durable skillet sears and deglazes wonderfully, making it a great piece of cookware for several kitchen tasks.

Buy at Anolon

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