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9 best places to buy your wedding album online

Find the perfect memento for your happily ever after.

Newlyweds are looking at wedding photo album together Credit: Mixbook / Zola / Artifact Uprising

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Wedding season is rushing in, and if you’re planning a wedding right now, you’re probably overwhelmed with the many decisions you have to make. With venues, cakes, dresses, flowers, and so many miscellaneous things, the number of choices seems like it doesn't end. Then, there are all the things you have to do after celebrating the wedding.

Wedding albums might seem like an afterthought, but they are vital to remember your special night and relive all of its magical moments. To help you cross one more thing off your to-do list, we researched the nine best places to buy wedding albums online. From the modern to the elegant, these sites make it easy to memorialize your digital images.

1. Shutterfly

album wedding
Credit: Shutterfly

9 best places to get your wedding album online

Our favorite: Premium Photo Books—starting at $104 Price: $-$$$

Shutterfly is a pro at printing (it’s the best online photo printing service we’ve ever tested) and offers three great wedding photo album choices, ranging from $20 to $248. The standard hardcover books are in the lowest price range and include 20 standard pages, with upgrades available. The premium photo books contain deluxe flat lay pages with a double-thick stain finish. The professional flush mount albums, the most expensive of the bunch, have seamless spread pages and come in a protective storage box. You can either design the album with custom backgrounds and layouts or use the Make My Album service, where professional designers will use your photos and create a beautiful display for you. It’s that easy.

Wedding Albums at Shutterfly

2. Artifact Uprising

album wedding
Credit: Artifact Uprising

9 best places to get your wedding album online

Our favorite: Wedding Layflat Photo Album—$152 Price: $$

While Artifact Uprising offers a variety of photo albums, there are only two specific wedding album options: the Wedding Layflat Photo Album and Hardcover Wedding Photo Book. The Layflat Photo Album, in particular, is a bestseller, and all of the customizations can be easily selected on its site. You can choose your size, cover color, cover font color, paper type, and design before creating and curating the inside of your album. The cover features a beautiful fabric background with foil text and can be customized with any text you choose. It’s both elegant and sentimental.

Wedding Albums at Artifact Uprising

3. Snapfish

album wedding
Credit: Snapfish

9 best places to get your wedding album online

Our favorite: Premium Layflat Hardcover Photo Book—starting at $70 Prices $$

Want to document more than just your wedding date? Like an album for your engagement or honeymoon? If that’s the case, Snapfish has options for memorializing your wedding and then some. Most albums start at $99.99 and include 20 pages. Sizes range from 5 inches by 7 inches to 12 inches by 12 inches, and you can select softcover, hardcover, lay-flat hardcover, lay-flat matte hardcover, leather cover, and more. The selections are really endless with Snapfish—and you can also customize the backgrounds and embellishments for more of a scrapbooking experience.

Wedding Photo Albums at Snapfish

4. Etsy

wedding album
Credit: Etsy

9 best places to buy your wedding album online

Our favorite: Claire Magnolia Velvet Photo Album—$98 Prices: $-$$$

You can spend hours browsing Etsy for handmade goods and gifts. Unsurprisingly, Etsy offers a huge selection of wedding photo albums from a variety of sellers. One of the bestsellers is a handmade, velvet album with various customization options. For pretty much all wedding albums, you can work directly with the seller to personalize, add emblems, and add extra pages. Note that you likely won’t be able to upload photos digitally, but you can have fun printing and laying out the photos yourself if you’re the crafty type. If you want something handcrafted and unique, Etsy is perfect.

Wedding Albums at Etsy

5. Mpix

album wedding
Credit: Mpix

9 best places to get your wedding album online

Our favorite: Signature Photo Album—starting at $160 Prices: $$-$$$

Mpix offers a simple, leather wedding album in three sizes: 8 inches by 8 inches, 10 inches by 10 inches, and 12 inches by 12 inches. You can also choose from five beautiful leather colors: polar, blush, nightfall, mist, and oatmeal. The albums start at 20 pages, but you have the option to go up to 100 pages. Depending on the page type you choose (luster, glossy, or deep matte), prices range from $160 to $315. The album builder at Mpix makes it easy to import your photos and select your layouts. Even better, the album will be shipped within two business days.

Wedding Albums at Mpix

6. Minted

album wedding
Credit: Minted

9 best places to buy your wedding album online

Prices: $-$$

Do you want to memorialize your special wedding day differently? Then, look no further than this Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art from Minted. Add 30 of your favorite photos from your wedding that will be made into a memorable collage. You can choose from colors like black or natural raw wood for the frame, whichever will suit your home more, or if you like a cleaner look, then you can opt out of a frame.

From $50 at Minted

7. Zola

album wedding
Credit: Zola

9 best places to get your wedding album online

Our favorite: Premier Wedding Album—From $199 Prices: $$-$$$

Zola specializes in all things weddings, particularly wedding registries, so you can expect high quality when it comes to preserving the memories of your special day in a photo album. Selections start at $149, with classic, premier, and deluxe options available. Simply pick your layout style, add your photos, and either make your own further customizations or go with Zola’s recommendations. The company boasts a special photo printing process that produces especially vibrant and clear photos. You can also choose from a variety of book materials, including linen, Italian leather, vegan leather, colored foil, and more.

Wedding Albums at Zola

8. Mixbook

album wedding
Credit: Mixbook

9 best places to get your wedding album online

Our favorite: Simple White Wedding—From $65 Prices: $$

Mixbook has an impressive 65 wedding designs, one of the largest selections on this list. From rustic to elopement to boho chic, there is surely a theme on the site that will match your wedding vibe. But if none of them suit your fancy, you can start from scratch and design a blank template. Prices start as low as $16 but increase with the customization options you choose, and you can change the shape, size, paper finish, and cover of the album. Albums start with 45 pages, but you can add more pages for $1 each.

Wedding Albums at Mixbook

9. Blurb

album wedding
Credit: Blurb

9 best places to buy your wedding album online

Our favorite: Large Landscape—starting at $89 Prices: $$-$$$

Like other photo album services, Blurb lets you choose between softcover, hardcover, or lay-flat albums, as well as your preferred paper type. But, what stands out about Blurb is its wide selection of templates and its sophisticated design tool. The BookWright tool is free to download (for both Mac or PC) and allows you to customize your album in three easy steps. If you’re not super tech-savvy, don’t worry, the design tool has easy-to-follow tutorials. With more control over the design compared to pre-made albums, you’ll have something special that you’ll love looking at for years to come.

Wedding Albums at Blurb

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