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The ultimate guide to shopping for bridal lingerie

We chatted with Journelle founder Sapna Palep for tips

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The anticipation of a wedding brings a whirlwind of excitement, joy, and admittedly, a fair share of stress. Amid the flurry of decisions to be made, from the venue to the guest list, the cake, the dress, and the countless other details, one important element often remains an afterthought: Bridal lingerie. As a bride, your wedding lingerie should be as memorable as your wedding dress. It is a hidden secret only you—and soon your partner—know about. The intimate detail adds an extra dash of magic to your special day.

Choosing the right bridal lingerie is not simply about buying the first pretty, lacy set that catches your eye. It involves careful consideration of several factors such as your wedding dress style, your personal taste, comfort, and body type. “Your bridal lingerie is not your everyday lingerie. It should look and feel special and elevated. This is the time to invest in lingerie that will not only last for years but also hold special memories,” says Sapna Palep, CEO of Journelle, the multi-brand retailer and leading online destination of luxury lingerie with over 100 curated brands known for helping customers find the perfect fit.

With the right knowledge and guidance, the process of shopping for bridal lingerie can be an enjoyable part of the wedding preparation journey, a celebration of your femininity, and an expression of your personal style. Start shopping for your bridal lingerie as soon as possible, but remember, wedding planning can be stressful and could potentially lead to changes in your body size. “You can create a bridal registry on the Journelle website for all of the styles on your wish list and schedule an appointment with one of our fit specialists in-store,” says Palep.

Which events do you need to shop for?

A model wears a white lace matching lingerie set.
Credit: Reviewed / Journelle

It may not be a wedding dress, but even your bridal lingerie should make you feel special on your big day.

To make the best choice, consider the various activities lined up for your wedding. This includes everything from the bachelorette party to the rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and the honeymoon. Factor in the weather conditions of your honeymoon destination, the duration of your stay, and the need for items to get ready in, lounge in, or sleep in. “Your entire bridal trousseau should reflect your unique style and taste, all while providing you with the comfort and confidence to enjoy your special day,” says Palep.

Understanding Different Types of Bridal Lingerie

A white slip dress.
Credit: Reviewed / ICollection

Bridal lingerie can include bras, panties, slips, robes, and even pajamas.

There are various types of bridal lingerie for the different phases of your wedding. Your choice of lingerie will depend on the event, whether it's the bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, or the honeymoon. Journelle’s comprehensive bridal guide can help you navigate these options better.

Prioritize luxurious materials for bridal lingerie

A pair of silk pajamas
Credit: Reviewed / Journelle

When it comes to bridal lingerie, opt for luxurious materials like silk, lace, and chiffon.

When choosing bridal lingerie, prioritize materials that are luxurious, fitting, and flattering. “Of course, you likely want them to be sexy and flirty too,” adds Palep. Silk robes like the Hanro Lovis Kimono Robe ($209, save $89), available in women’s sizes XS to L add a layer of luxe to your bridal lingerie. Additionally, a slip like this Ultra Soft Chemise from ICollection ($48) will bring comfort and sexiness to your big night. It’s available in women’s plus sizes 1X to 3X and five colors. It’s your special day, so don’t shy away from materials that not only make you feel confident but also sensual and beautiful.

“Currently, bridal lingerie trends embrace pieces with the traditional 'something blue.’ We’ve put together a collection of something blue on our website for this exact reason,” says Palep. For an additional blue option, consider this gorgeous Sorbet Rose Bralette ($50, Save $39) from Victoria’s Secret that will surely impress. The bralette is available in women’s sizes XS to XL in a beautiful light blue color. Lace bra and panty sets, silk short chemises, sheer fabrics, frilly pieces, sexy bodysuits, ouvert styles and garters are also all in fashion. Even matching PJ sets for bridesmaids, like this Journelle Sophia Pajama Set ($300) available in women’s sizes XS to XL and four colors, are a hit.

Styles for Different Body Types

Two lace bras.
Credit: Reviewed / Journelle / Lane Bryant

Finding the right fit for your body type is essential.

When it comes to wearing lingerie on your wedding night, confidence is key. Regardless of what you choose—be it a bodysuit, a bra and panty set, an Italian nightie, or something else, it should be extraordinarily special, luxurious, comfortable, and stunning. This gorgeous Strappy-Back Tanga Panty ($19) from Lane Bryant ticks all those boxes. The panty is available in women’s plus sizes 10 to 28 and in two colors. Add a Lace Unlined Bra ($57) to complete the set.

Certain lingerie styles work better for different body types. For instance, for full and round breasts a triangle plunge shape, such as the Journelle Anais Plunge Bra ($128), will allow your curves to hug the cups without any digging. The plunge bra is available in women’s cup sizes A to G and band sizes 30 to 36. On the other hand, slender breasts are well-suited to a demi-style bra like the Journelle Allegra Balconette Bra ($98) which will hug and elevate your curves. The balconette bra is available in women’s cup sizes A to G, band sizes 30 to 36, and seven colors.

“Not getting properly fitted and guessing your size is one of the biggest mistakes brides make when choosing bridal lingerie,” says Palep. “Don’t try to make something work that isn’t quite right. Don’t choose something you don’t feel comfortable in!” Learn more about how shape matters on Journelle’s website or even schedule a special Bridal Fitting Appointment with their Lingerie Experts available in their four stores in New York and Chicago or virtually. You can get fitted for your wedding day foundations and your bridal lingerie, and pick up some special pieces for the honeymoon as well.

Remember, bridal lingerie is more than just an undergarment—it's a powerful expression of your femininity, personal style and the love story you're about to begin. It's an intimate detail that enhances your confidence, making your special day even more memorable.

Caring for Your Bridal Lingerie

A lace blue bralette.
Credit: Reviewed / Victoria’s Secret

Be sure to hand-wash your lingerie to protect the delicate fabric and lace treatments.

Proper care of your lingerie will not only ensure it lasts longer but also that it can be worn for other special occasions. Always hand-wash your bridal lingerie in a sink with delicate soap and lukewarm water. “Special lingerie wash is recommended. It is less harsh on your delicate lingerie items,” adds Palep. Never wash your lingerie in a washing machine or dry it in a dryer as these machines can cause damage to delicate fabrics, laces, and elastics.

“If you must use a washer on some of your less delicate pieces, choose the delicate or hand wash cycle. Do not overload the washer and do not wash with other items that have zippers, buttons, Velcro, hooks, or are of a heavier fabric than your lingerie,” Palep warns.

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