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Cult brand Caraway launches its Squareware cookware today

Ceramic-coated and square-shaped

Four nonstick cookware pans with navy exteriors all arranged together on countertop in front of olive green painted wall. Credit: Caraway

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Cult-following brand Caraway is further expanding its presence in the kitchen. The ceramic cookware brand recently announced its foray into cutlery, and now its cookware lineup is getting an upgrade with the brand new Squareware Collection.

According to Caraway, Squareware is the best way to "round out" your cookware cabinet, with spacious, four-cornered cooking surfaces designed for larger recipes. And as someone who values every inch of stovetop space, this launch is especially exciting.

The four new items (and magnetic rack) launch today, September 26, and improve upon the brand’s wide variety of kitchen products. The set includes four square cooking pans: The 19-by-12-inch double burner griddle, the 16-by-13-inch roasting pan, the 11-inch square griddle pan, and the 11-inch square grill pan.

The new Squareware Set retails for $715, but today you can snag it for a sale price of $495. You can also opt to buy each piece individually on Caraway’s site. The set is available in Caraway's iconic earth-toned colors: cream, navy, gray, marigold, sage, and Perracotta, as well as black and white Iconics, which feature gold hardware details for an upgraded price.

Product image of Caraway Squareware Collection Launch
Caraway Squareware Collection Launch

This non-toxic ceramic set features four square pieces of cookware for cooking for a crowd—and it's on sale today.

$495 at Caraway
Navy blue ceramic skillets and pans arranged together inside of magnetic storage holder on top of countertop surface.
Credit: Caraway

Caraway's Squareware Set comes with a magnetic storage organizer to hold all pieces together.

The Squareware collection has a long list of selling points:

  • Signature non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating free of PTFE, PFOA, PFAS, and heavy metals
  • Superior heat conductivity
  • Ergonomic stainless-steel handles
  • Larger cooking surface area than Caraway’s round cookware
  • The set comes with a magnetic storage organizer that keeps pans in place and on display

Caraway’s Squareware fits in well with the brand’s suite of products, expanding your cooking space while still achieving a cohesive kitchen.

A main difference from its rounded cookware is that the square pans don’t include lids—though the foods you’ll cook on the griddle-style pans likely won't require them (think eggs, pancakes, and steaks).

This line is also oven-safe up to 550°F—an improvement from the 450°F maximum in Caraway's rounded cookware. That makes it great for finishing seared steaks or roasting a salmon fillet.

As long as you have the counter space or shelf area, the accompanying magnetic storage organizer is a huge plus. This allows you to keep each pan in the set organized and on display—which you'll likely want to do, given Caraway's iconic design.

Based on our previous testing, we expect Caraway’s Squareware collection to be a best-selling addition to the brand’s product line.

When we tried Caraway cookware in the past, we were able to make fluffy pancakes (without sticking), sear steak, steam rice, and clean everything easily with only a little elbow grease and a non-abrasive scrubber.

On left, coral pink skillets and pans stacked on top of each other on top of countertop surface. On right, Navy blue ceramic skillet and pan being used in kitchen to prepare a meal.
Credit: Caraway

From flipping breakfast pancakes to roasting a holiday turkey, this square cookware set offers a variety of cooking opportunities.

Though square cookware may seem unnecessary, consider how much more space you’ll have compared to a traditional frying pan—especially for items like tortillas, eggs, burgers, or a whole chicken. Because the Squareware Collection is made with the same ceramic, non-stick materials, the cookware will likely heat and clean like its round counterparts.

Whether you’re looking for an easier way to cook in bulk or bring the grill indoors, Caraway’s Squareware has items you’ll reach for every day.

Product image of Caraway Squareware Collection Launch
Caraway Squareware Collection Launch

This non-toxic ceramic set features four square pieces of cookware for stovetop and oven cooking for a crowd.

$495 at Caraway

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