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Ninja Extended Life Ceramic 9-piece Cookware Set Review

Ninja's ceramic cookware set is chef-approved

Assorted two-toned Ninja pots and pans on top of range in front of tile wall in kitchen next to utensils. Credit: Reviewed / Jenny Dorsey

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  1. Product image of Ninja CW99009 Extended Life Premium Ceramic 9-piece Cookware Set

    Ninja CW99009 Extended Life Premium Ceramic 9-piece Cookware Set


    • Consistently nonstick without PFAS

    • Lightweight, well-made, and durable

    • Dishwasher and oven safe


    • A larger mid-size pot would be ideal

    • Handles can get dirty easily

Cooking becomes such a joy when you have the right tools at hand. We’re strong believers in investing in some of the best cookware sets for your home, so we had to see how the Ninja Extended Life Premium Ceramic Cookware Set (available at Ninja) performs against its competitors.

From a professional chef's perspective, we found this collection to be practical and durable enough for a wide range of everyday uses in the kitchen. But if you're looking for a ceramic set with more pieces included, consider the GreenPan Premiere Stainless-steel Ceramic Nonstick 11-piece Cookware Set.

About the Ninja Extended Life Premium Ceramic 9-piece Cookware Set

Ninja's assorted two-tone cookware set with compatible lids.
Credit: Reviewed / Ninja

The Ninja Cookware Set features nine pieces, including pots, pans, and lids.

The Ninja Extended Life Premium Ceramic 9-piece Cookware Set is a naturally nonstick cookware set that stands up to the ceramic cookware reputation for even heat dispersion and retention. This allows for uniform cooking results with minimal use of oil and easy cleanup.

The set comes with three sizes of sauté pans, two sauce pots, and a stock pot—a well-suited set for a small home. Three tempered glass lids fit across one pot each, and all parts of the set are metal utensil-safe, dishwasher-safe, and oven-safe up to 550°F.

At $250 for the set, the Ninja Ceramic Cookware set is reasonably priced for what it offers, settling into a comfortable middle range compared to some of its ceramic-coated competitors.

How we tested the Ninja Extended Life Premium Ceramic 9-piece Cookware Set

On left, cooked white rice inside of pot without lid. On right, two chicken breasts being seared inside of nonstick skillet pan.
Credit: Reviewed / Jenny Dorsey

We tested each piece of cookware in this set to see how it performed in a variety of popular kitchen tasks.

We tested the Ninja ceramic set for its ability to execute the common functions of a home kitchen: sear, sauté, boil, simmer, and reduce.

To test its nonstick feature, we made sunny-side-up eggs in each pan. We also pan-fried eggplant and cooked it down in a fennel-based sauce to review its ability to brown vegetables and evenly reduce liquid over time.

Regarding heat level and distribution, we seared chicken drumsticks and thighs to observe how well they crisped in the pans. We also tested the pot’s ability to evenly cook short-grain white rice (without resulting in mushiness) and cook dried pasta to al-dente perfection.

What we like

Ceramic coating is consistently nonstick

Two seasoned eggs being fried inside of nonstick skillet pan.
Credit: Reviewed / Jenny Dorsey

Sunny side-up eggs cook up easily and release beautifully from the Ninja ceramic pans.

Each of the Ninja pans proved to be consistently and delightfully nonstick in every test we threw at them.

Even with very minimal oil, food glided gracefully across the pans. When it came to saucy foods—like the sticky glaze we made to accompany chicken thighs—everything released from the pan without much fuss every time. This was also a nice benefit during cleanup, where splatters were easily removed with a gentle scrub.

If you're concerned about PFAS materials in traditional nonstick cookware, ceramic coated alternatives are a no-brainer. Ninja even claims that its unique Ceramilock Coating preserves itself longer than typical ceramic coating, so you can use it for years to come.

They're lightweight and easy to maneuver

No one likes to lug a series of heavy pots and pans out to make dinner. Not to mention, they seriously hamper our ability to flip foods or move from stove to oven.

That made the Ninja cookware an easy choice when choosing between what pot or pan to select. Each piece is lightweight yet sturdy, with comfortable handles and grooves to maneuver, even around tight kitchen spaces.

The pans can sear surprisingly well

Seared eggplants cooking inside of nonstick skillet pan on cooktop.
Credit: Reviewed / Jenny Dorsey

These cross-hatched fairy tale eggplants cooked up beautifully in the leftover chicken schmaltz from our pan tests.

Although not a typical function of nonstick cookware, these ceramic pans delivered an impressively golden sear during testing. Both vegetables and chicken thighs seared evenly when cooked at a high temperature with some oil.

Notably, the oil spread evenly across the pan and did not pool at the edges as we've noticed in other nonstick cookware sets.

The cookware is metal-utensil-safe

The ceramic cookware set held up well across our tests with metal, wood, and silicone utensils without scratching.

This gave us confidence that the set could withstand a higher-use kitchen, and continue being a go-to for years to come.

It's versatile for stovetop-to-oven cooking

The fact that these pots and pans can handle high temperatures up to 550°F means they can handle searing and stove-to-oven cooking tasks.

We love how this expands the range of what’s possible in just one cookware set—from roasting cherry tomatoes to baking a homemade sourdough, these pans really can do just about anything in a pinch.

Joinery feels well-done and durable

Right out of the box, the Ninja pots and pans feel sturdy despite their lightness.

In particular, we noted that the joinery between the pan body and handle—always the first thing to come loose with wear and tear—appears well-done and ready to handle whatever is thrown its way.

What we don’t like

An additional sauce pot would improve the set's usability

We found the 2.5-quart sauce pot to be a touch small for some of the tasks we would want to use it for, like cooking several sides of soup or grains for a meal.

While not a dealbreaker for a single or dual household, it may hamper efficiency in a larger family kitchen. We would’ve liked to see a 3.5-quart size instead, to increase versatility and the range of opportunities the pot can be used for.

Dishwasher cleaning isn't recommended

All the pots and pans in the Ninja cookware set are technically dishwasher-safe, but the brand still recommends hand-washing to prolong the cookware’s ceramic surface.

When we compared a pan washed in the dishwasher versus by hand, we did see a marked difference between the two (with the latter easily winning out). So while the set is technically dishwasher-safe, you may find yourself still spending time doing this manually.

Handles can attract dirt

One of the areas of the pan that most often remained dirty after a wash were the handles of the pots and pans. They were best cleaned by hand—but even then, we noticed staining after just a few rounds of testing.

What other people are saying

This cookware set holds a nearly 5-star rating on most of the sites it’s reviewed on, including Ninja, Google, and Amazon.

Most reviewers marvel at how nonstick the ceramic surface is, how well it holds up to all types of utensils, and how even food can be cooked in them.

There are no visible reviews below 4 stars; some of the lower reviews mention that the pans do not come with lids (which are for the pots) and that food often gets stuck to the handles.

Should you buy the Ninja Extended Life Premium Ceramic 9-piece Cookware Set?

Assorted two-toned Ninja pots and pans on top of range in front of tile wall in kitchen.
Credit: Ninja

This all-encompassing set performs well and would be a great addition to any kitchen.

The Ninja Extended Life Premium Ceramic 9-piece Cookware Set is an ideal investment for those seeking a nonstick set. Made with a consistently nonstick ceramic coating created from non-toxic materials, the Ninja cookware set can be used for anything from soft-scrambling eggs to sauteing vegetables and reducing sauces.

While its primary function isn’t searing, the pans still produced a satisfactory golden sear on chicken thighs in our tests. Moreover, the ceramic coating can stand up to the use of metal, wood, and silicone utensils, with its lightweight construction making it an easy choice for all types of cooking tasks.

Overall, this set combines functionality, versatility, and durability, making it a worthwhile investment for any kitchen. We have very few critiques—mostly just wishing it featured a larger mid-size sauce pot, and noticing that the cookware handles can collect dirt over time. If you're looking for a larger nonstick set, check out our roundup of the best nonstick cookware sets.

Product image of Ninja Extended Life Premium Ceramic 9-piece Cookware Set
Ninja Extended Life Premium Ceramic 9-piece Cookware Set

This durable ceramic cookware set excelled in our testing and comes at an affordable price.

$250 at Ninja

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