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Cometeer Coffee review

Cometeer changed the way I drink coffee at home

An image of a stack of Cometeer coffee boxes in shades of blue, pink, and purple, surrounded by Cometeer coffee pods in the same colors. Credit: Reviewed / Cometeer

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    • Easy to brew

    • Sustainable materials

    • Incredibly delicious results


    • Expensive

    • High level of commitment

It's nearly mulling-over-a-hot-drink-on-a-brisk-autumn-morning season. There's nothing quite like clutching a steaming mug of coffee in the fall, at least for me.

Coffee is an essential part of my morning routine. But coffee-making is something that I often find all too easy to discard in favor of taking a walk to my local coffee shop, a habit that tends to die off later in the winter. That's when I return to my Aeropress. But even that process, as easy as it is, can sometimes feel like a bit of a slog.

When Cometeer came up as a possibility to test, I jumped at the chance, since I had heard it was a fairly barebones coffee brewing option. Since testing, I can say that my experience with the flash-frozen coffee pod service has me seriously tempted to drop my Aeropress routine altogether—here's why.

What is Cometeer?

Cometeer is a Boston-based coffee pod delivery service that produces flash-frozen coffee concentrate pods designed to make hot or iced coffee (no equipment required). Each pod is designed to preserve peak freshness and flavor, and the flash-freezing process utilizes liquid nitrogen.

The brand places a heavy emphasis on coffee sourcing, utilizing beans and blends from a variety of well-known roasters. Current roasters that provide Cometeer with beans include Counter Culture Coffee, George Howell, Onyx Coffee, Equator, Intelligentsia, and more.

When you order Cometeer's coffee pods, each box comes with eight pods, and you'll have to order a minimum of four boxes total. You can order a mixed pack with a variety of roasts, or opt for a light, medium, dark, half-caffeinated, or decaffeinated pack.

How did we test Cometeer?

Two images of the same stack of Cometeer coffee pod boxes, including coffee from Counter Culture, Equator, Onyx Coffee, and George Howell Coffee.
Credit: Madison Durham

I tried two light roast boxes, one medium roast box, and one dark roast box.

Cometeer delivered four sleeves of frozen coffee pods to my apartment, and I opened the box and let the dry ice air out before I unpacked the assortment of coffee. The materials that Cometeer uses both to package its deliveries and to package the coffee itself are all recyclable, which was helpful in terms of clean-up.

In order to test out the coffee, I prepared and drank... all of it. Sometimes when I test out consumables, I don't end up getting through all of it in a timely way (see: the last time I tested a wine subscription), but Cometeer immediately replaced my daily coffee routine.

Each box that arrived came with eight aluminum coffee pods, and they all included information about the roast, origins, and tasting notes of the included varieties. When you pull out the sleeve that houses the pods, the instructions for making hot coffee are printed on the side, with additional instructions and brew methods available when you scan the QR code on the packaging.

The variety pack I received included Counter Culture Coffee's Big Trouble dark roast, Equator's Peru Cajamarca light roast, Onyx Coffee's Southern Weather medium roast, and George Howell Coffee's La Benedición light roast. I tend to err toward light and medium roasts, so I was delighted by the selection.

How can you brew Cometeer?

An image of a George Howell Cometeer coffee pod held in a hand over a stack of Cometeer coffee boxes.
Credit: Madison Durham

Each pod was recyclable, compact, and easy to store.

I stuck to the coffee-making options on the box to brew Cometeer's coffee for the most part, but there are a variety of methods you can use, including the simple pour-over method.

To make the standard hot coffee, simply remove your chosen pod from the freezer, run a little bit of warm or room temperature water over the outside to loosen the frozen pod, and dump it into a mug. Then, pour hot water (I have an electric water boiler that I use for my daily coffee routine) over the pod; be sure to check the recommended volume of hot water to coffee concentrate, as you'll end up with weak coffee if you over-pour.

Iced coffee is also extremely easy with Cometeer. Simply pop your pod out of the freezer, let it thaw out in the fridge, and then pour the melted concentrate into a glass and mix with water.

If you're on the hunt for other brew methods, Cometeer has instructions for brewing its pods with a traditional pod coffee machine or for making espresso drinks like lattes, iced lattes, affogato, and more.

What I like about Cometeer Coffee

The coffee-making process is wildly easy

Whether I wanted iced or hot, making a cup of Cometeer coffee was beyond easy. It's as simple as taking a preferred pod out of the freezer and either allowing it to thaw before adding hot water, or popping it in the fridge for a bit before adding it to cold water and ice.

As someone who uses an Aeropress regularly (and therefore already has a fairly simple coffee routine) it managed to make my morning ritual even simpler.

The commitment to sustainability stands out

The pods themselves are extremely easy to clean out and recycle. I've used Nespresso pods in the past and found the recycling process to (occasionally) be one step too many for my executive dysfunction.

Plus, Cometeer pods have a 24-month shelf life, which means you can hang onto them for a while.

The coffee is uniformly delicious

Each time I had a cup of coffee from Cometeer, I was delighted by the flavor. The coffee is rich and tasty across the board, even with the different brands to choose from.

I was especially partial to the George Howell light roast coffee, which was rich and a little fruity, but that's just based on my personal preferences. I wasn't disappointed with a single cup, which is honestly more than I can say from my day-to-day Aeropress experience.

What I don't like

The pods are expensive

If you're in the market for pod-based coffee, Cometeer is definitely not among the cheaper options.

At $2.62 per pod when you order outside of the subscription, each pod is more than double the cost of a Nespresso pod (which typically go for around $0.80 to $2 per pod).

For 32 cups of coffee—which is the minimum order size—you'll pay $84. It's a lot for pods, but when you consider the fact that most bags of coffee grounds or beans get you around 20 cups of coffee, the cost becomes even more glaring. To me, it was hard to justify, especially when I considered the fact that it only took me about three weeks to get through my order.

The size of the order means you'll have to commit to a lot of pods

If you decide to try Cometeer, the upfront commitment to 32 pods at the cost of $84 might be a deterrent, especially if you're picky about your coffee flavors. Since you don't necessarily know which brands will land on your doorstep, you might find yourself with a few pods you don't want to use.

Should you try Cometeer?

Hand pouring Cometeer concentrate into an iced latte, on a coffee table
Credit: Cometeer

Cometeer pods are especially convenient for iced coffee and latte lovers.

Ultimately, whether or not you should order Cometeer depends on your coffee routine. If you, like me, struggle with executive dysfunction and are looking to save a little (emphasis on little) money on ordering coffee out every day, Cometeer might be for you.

It's extremely easy to use, and the quality of the coffee was so high that I would definitely consider jumping back in and ordering it again, especially if I was looking to save money on trips out for coffee.

I would also recommend Cometeer if you want to make iced coffee at home, specifically, since the frozen pods made for a very easy brew process and the results were delicious.

Product image of Cometeer

These flash-frozen coffee pods can brew tasty, high-quality coffee with no equipment required.

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