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10 gorgeous emerald-cut engagement rings that would look great on anyone

Emerald cut is in.

Emerald cut diamond rings Credit: Reviewed / Brilliant Earth / Tiffany

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There are so many choices when you're shopping for an engagement ring, and if you want a piece that's unique but still timeless, an emerald-cut diamond is the perfect option. These rectangular stones have an elegant appearance that helps to elongate your finger for a flattering fit, and they're fairly rare, so your ring will definitely stand out in a crowd.

Want to see how beautiful emerald-cut engagement rings can be? Here are 10 stunning options to suit any style—and any budget!

1. A timeless solitaire with a lab-grown diamond

Product image of James Allen Comfort Fit Engagement Ring
James Allen Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

You can customize the band of this lab-created emerald cut diamond engagement ring.

$3,260 at James Allen

For a classic design that will never go out of style, this James Allen Comfort Fit Engagement Ring is the perfect choice. The lovely solitaire ring features a plain yellow gold band supporting a 1.54-carat lab-grown diamond with a stunning emerald cut. Alternatively, if you prefer a natural diamond or want a different gem size, you can easily swap in another one of the brand's stones, creating the engagement ring you've always dreamed about.

2. An elegant design with pavé accents

Product image of Brilliant Earth Viviana Ring
Brilliant Earth Viviana Ring

The Viviana Ring features a gold band and 1.5-carat emerald-cut diamond.

$5,390 at Brilliant Earth

This emerald-cut engagement ring has a little extra sparkle that's sure to wow your partner. The Viviana Ring has lab-grown diamonds embedded in both the band and gallery, making it sparkle from every angle. While the setting is lovely, the main attraction is still the 1.5-carat emerald-cut diamond, which is lab grown. You can choose between yellow or white gold for the ring, and the brand makes it easy to select a larger emerald-cut diamond, if desired.

3. A luxurious three-stone ring that's sure to turn heads

Product image of Brilliant Earth Luxe Rhiannon Diamond Ring
Brilliant Earth Luxe Rhiannon Diamond Ring

The accent stones on this Luxe Rhiannon diamond ring make it stand out.

$3,490 at Brilliant Earth

The only thing better than a beautiful emerald-cut diamond? Three of them! The Luxe Rhiannon Three Stone Engagement Ring sports three emerald-cut gems—one large central stone and two smaller ones flanking it—for triple the wow factor. The ring can be totally customized to suit your needs, as well: You can choose from several metal finishes, as well as natural or lab-grown diamonds to complete the beautiful piece of jewelry. Just bear in mind that the price listed is solely for the setting, so you'll need to budget for the central stone, as well.

4. A twisted band that you can customize

Product image of Brilliant Earth Petite Twisted Vine Ring
Brilliant Earth Petite Twisted Vine Ring

The twisted band on this Petite Vine Ring make the emerald-cut diamond stand out.

$1,190 at Brilliant Earth

The Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Engagement Ring offers a more intricate band that you can customize in several ways. The band features two intertwining "vines," one of which has a pavé accent and the other of which is plain, creating an attractive contrast. In addition to changing the color of the metal and the setting carat weight, you can also opt for a plain gallery or one with a hidden halo. Just keep in mind that the price listed is solely for the setting—you'll need to add on an emerald-cut diamond separately.

5. A dainty ring with kite-shaped accents

Product image of Brilliant Earth Petite Cometa Three Stone Engagement Ring
Brilliant Earth Petite Cometa Three Stone Engagement Ring

This delicate ring features smaller diamonds on either side of the emerald-cut diamond.

$1,190 at Brilliant Earth

The Petite Cometa Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring has a dainty design that your partner is sure to love. The plain band supports a beautiful central stone (which isn't included in the list price), and there are kite-shaped accent gems on either side of it. Alternatively, you can select another shape for the side gems, with options including pear, trillion, or tapered baguette diamonds. No matter what you choose, the final result will be a delicate ring with just the right amount of sparkle.

6. A vintage-inspired moissanite ring

Product image of  Emerald Cut Moissanite Vintage Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut Moissanite Vintage Engagement Ring

This stunning vintage ring uses moissanite instead of diamond, which makes it more affordable than diamond, but still just as gorgeous.

$544 at Etsy

Your partner is sure to earn endless compliments on this Emerald-Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring, which has a vintage-inspired design. The center stone is a lovely emerald-cut moissanite gem that's available in two sizes, and it's flanked by three marquise-cut stones on both sides. The band is available in multiple finishes, and despite its intricate design, this ring is surprisingly affordable.

7. A split-shank ring that's worth the splurge

Product image of Zales Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring
Zales Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

Zales is offering a stunning diamond-crusted ring with an emerald-cut diamond in the center.

$10,499 at Zales

We're betting that your partner will fall more in love with the Zales Emerald-Cut Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring every time they look down at their hand. This gorgeous engagement ring features a 2.5-carat lab-grown diamond as the central stone, and it's held up by a 14k gold split shank band that's lined with even more accent diamonds. The final result is a sophisticated piece that will look flattering on anyone.

8. A toi et moi style ring

Product image of Toi et Moi Emerald and Pear Engagment Ring
Toi et Moi Emerald and Pear Engagment Ring

Why settle for just an emerald-cut when you could have an emerald- and pear-cut diamond ring?

$1,350 at VRAI

The Toi et Moi Emerald and Pear Engagement Ring is an unconventional design with two beautiful stones. The ring features an emerald-cut diamond and a pear-shaped diamond nestled side-by-side, and the stones are designed to represent you and your partner, together on one ring. You're able to choose lab-grown diamonds of different sizes to fit your budget, and you can select between a plain or pavé band in several popular metal finishes.

9. A unique dual-band ring with a moissanite stone

Product image of The Lennon Ring
The Lennon Ring

This ring features a gorgeous double band that’s sure to turn heads with an emerald-cut diamond at its center.

$2,245 at East West Gem Co.

Moissanite engagement rings have been increasing in popularity in the past few years, as these stones look visually similar to diamonds but cost significantly less. If you're open to this alternative gem, the Lennon Ring has a unique contemporary design and a budget-friendly price point. The emerald-cut moissanite stone weighs 3 carats (keep in mind that moissanite weighs 15 to 18% less than diamond) and measures 9.5 by 7 millimeters. It's mounted on a unique dual band for a modern look, and you can choose from a variety of metal finishes. 

10. A high-end halo ring from a coveted brand

Product image of Tiffany Soleste Engagement Ring
Tiffany Soleste Engagement Ring

This diamond ring isn’t cheap—but you’ll get your money’s worth with this stunning find from Tiffany’s.

$18,300 at Tiffany’s

If you're sparing no expense while selecting an engagement ring for your partner, the Tiffany Soleste Emerald-cut Halo Engagement Ring is the epitome of luxury. This gorgeous ring can be customized with different diamonds, and the central emerald-cut stone is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds for a show-stopping display. The pavé band is decorated with even more glittering gems, and it's truly a stunning piece from every angle. 

What is an emerald-cut engagement ring?

Emerald-cut engagement rings are easy to recognize thanks to the rectangular shape of the stone. These diamonds generally have cut corners and step-cut facets that create long, parallel lines down their length, which creates the "hall of mirrors" effect that is unique to this diamond shape.

While emerald-cut diamonds are fairly rare—they make up only around 3% of the world's diamonds—they're quite popular among celebrities. Beyonce, Amal Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman, and Sofia Richie are just a few big names who have emerald-cut engagement rings.

According to the International Gem Society, round- and princess-cut diamonds remain the top two most popular shapes for engagement rings. While emerald cut stones may not rank at the top of the list, they have definitely become more common in recent years, in part thanks to all the celebrities that wear them. These diamonds are reminiscent of the Art Deco movement, which has recently experienced a resurgence, and they're also quite flattering, helping to elongate your finger with their rectangular shape.

Are emerald cuts more expensive?

In terms of price per carat, emerald-cut diamonds are actually more affordable than round diamonds. Frank Jewelers notes emerald cut stones cost 15 to 25% less than a round-cut diamond with similar qualities. This diamond shape also tends to look larger than other fancy diamond shapes, offering more bang for your buck.

If you're looking to save even more, you may also want to consider an emerald-cut moissanite stone. These alternative gems are grown in labs, and while they look very similar to diamonds, they're more eco-friendly and priced much lower.

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