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About the Galanz GLR18FS5S16 French-door refrigerator

A close-up of the fridge with its top two doors open, revealing an interior stocked with food.
Credit: Reviewed / Michael Elderbee

The main body of the fridge contains the standard array of door bins and shelves, with its control panel located in the top center.

  • Style: French-door
  • Dimensions: 70" x 32.3" x 27.4" (H x W x D)
  • Depth: Counter-depth
  • Measured capacity: 9.12-cu.-ft. fridge, 3.15-cu.-ft. freezer
  • Finishes: Stainless steel
  • Special features: Internal ice maker, spill-capture shelves
  • Dispensers: None
  • ADA compliant: No
  • Energy Star rated: Yes
  • User manual: Galanz GLR18FS5S16 French-door refrigerator manual

The Galanz GLR18FS5S16 French-door refrigerator has a clean exterior: Just its stainless-steel finish and some robust handles lining each of its three doors.

Opening up the top two doors reveals a standard French-door interior. Each door is lined with bins, including two 2-gallon bins for larger jugs and two shallow ones that can accommodate smaller items, like soda cans. You can reposition the bins somewhat: There's one extra slot in each door.

Shelves feature spill-capture lips, which help corral messes so they don't drip down onto everything stored below. There are four extra slots to allow users to reposition the shelves.

Under these shelves are the two crisper drawers. Both feature a plastic slider to adjust their humidity levels.

While the overall appearance of the fridge seems well-built, the plastic fixtures are lightweight.

What we like

Consistent temperatures in the fridge keep food fresher, longer

A close-up of the fridge's control panel  where the digital temperature readout states that the fridge is currently at 37°F and its freezer is 0°F.
Credit: Reviewed / Mark Brezinski

Once you've calibrated the Galanz GLR18FS5S16, it should be able to hit its target temperatures consistently.

When you're looking at fridge temperatures, two numbers should stick out: 32°F and 40°F. Fridges need to keep temperatures above 32°F to make sure items don't start to freeze, and they need to keep things under 40°F to ensure everything is properly refrigerated.

Once the Galanz GLR18FS5S16 is properly calibrated—which means you will have to adjust the temperature settings within the fridge as opposed to just plugging it in and relying on the manufacturer settings—it will stick very closely to the sweet spot between 32°F and 40°F.

During our testing, we recorded that temperatures within any given area of the fridge typically fluctuated by less than 2°F. The middle of this fridge does run warmer than its top or bottom, but only by a few degrees.

Once you've gotten the fridge to hit 37°F, the environment will consistently remain around that temperature, and this should maximize the shelf life of your food.

The freezer hits the right temperature and barely budges

A close-up of the fridge's open freezer drawer, showcasing its main bin and the shelf that sits above it. The left corner of the upper shelf houses an ice reservoir. The rest of the space is filled with frozen foods.
Credit: Reviewed / Michael Elderbee

The freezer's temperature stays consistently where it should be, helping you get the maximum life out of your frozen foods.

The freezer's temperature performance is solid all around. Not only does it come out of the box close to the ideal temperature of 0°F, but freezer temperatures remain consistent within the compartment, meaning they don’t waver.

We recorded temperatures that only fluctuated slightly during defrost cycles, where it would spike by a few degrees before quickly settling back down. That temperatures only fluctuated slightly is good, because excess temperature fluctuations is exactly how you wind up with freezer burn: Frozen items defrost slightly, then refreeze, which gradually draws all the water content out of your food and into an icy rind on its surface.

Fortunately, due to this freezer's excellent performance, your frozen foods will have a long shelf life—without winding up as astronaut food.

What we don’t like

Its storage space is on the lower side, even for a counter-depth fridge

A side view of the fridge's open freezer drawer. We can see the main bin stored with frozen food. The shelf above holds the reservoir for the ice maker and has some more food stored beside it.
Credit: Reviewed / Michael Elderbee

Though its narrow build may be ideal for your home, it does mean lower overall storage space in both the fridge and freezer.

A necessary downside of having smaller external dimensions is also having smaller internal dimensions. That means you're almost always going to get less overall storage in a counter-depth fridge than you would in a full-size model.

The GLR18FS5S16's storage is on the low side even when compared to other counter-depth models across the market. Counter-depth refrigerators typically have about 9.5 cubic feet of storage space in the fridge and 3.8 cubic feet of storage in the freezer. This Galanz has 9.12 cubic feet in the fridge and 3.15 in the freezer.

While this gap isn't huge, with a counter-depth fridge you typically want every spare square inch you can get. If you're looking to maximize your storage space, there are other options that can offer a lot of extra storage, even within the counter-depth space. The excellent Samsung RF30BB6600QL, for example, offers a whopping 13.53 cubic feet of storage in the fridge and 3.77 cubic feet in the freezer.

The fridge runs warm without calibration

A close-up of the fridge's control panel  where the digital temperature readout states that the fridge is currently at 41°F and its freezer is 3°F.
Credit: Reviewed / Michael Elderbee

While its temperatures are consistent, the fridge does run warm without proper calibration.

If you don't properly calibrate the Galanz GLR18FS5S16 before using it, you'll find the temperature reading in the middle of the chilling compartment can reach 41°F, which just barely steps over the line of safe refrigeration.

The CDC and FDA both warn users to keep temperatures below 40°F, because that's the threshold where bacteria can start to proliferate quickly, spoiling food before its time.

As such, we recommend calibrating the fridge about 2°F colder than the recommended manufacturer settings, just to make sure all your perishable foods are kept at a safe temperature.

What owners are saying

As of publication time, you can only buy the Galanz GLR18FS5S16 at Amazon or The Home Depot. It’s also a new model from a brand that’s more recognized for its retro-style mini fridges. As such, there aren't many user reviews currently available for the Galanz GLR18FS5S16.

Currently the fridge averages 3.7 out of 5 stars across retailers. We expect its star-rating to improve as it earns more customer reviews.

Positive reviews indicate satisfaction rather than enthusiasm, with many saying things like, "It does the job." Most are happy with the look of the fridge, and some cite its compact size as being perfect for their kitchen.

Negative reviews come largely from customers who received non-functioning units, while specific complaints center around noisy operation or a problem with the fridge's temperature.


Galanz backs its refrigerators with a 1-year limited warranty. This is the industry standard.

Other manufacturers offer more robust warranties, often covering specific parts for longer durations. For example, Hisense offers a 2-year warranty, LG and Samsung will ensure specific parts for up to 10 years, and Bosch will replace rusted stainless-steel fixtures for the lifetime of the product.

Should you buy the Galanz GLR18FS5S16?

Maybe—If you want a French-door, but you have limited space

The Galanz GLR18FS5S16 put up solid scores across the board in our testing lab. It has good temperature consistency in its fridge and freezer, and while the fridge can run warm, that's easy to correct for. While it doesn't have the bells or whistles of other fridges, this helps keep its price low for consumers who just want a basic fridge that looks nice. To be clear, this fridge isn't perfect, but you're also not being charged perfection-level prices.

Really, the main downside of this fridge is losing out on storage space. This fridge is small even compared to counter-depth fridges with narrower dimensions, meaning this fridge isn't particularly space efficient (and it will also extend beyond your counters).

If you're looking for a budget fridge for your garage or something similar, we recommend checking out the Hotpoint HPS16BTNRWW, which is one of the best budget buys we've tested.

If you want a French-door that won't break your budget, the GE GFE28GYNFS only costs a little more and offers higher performance and extra features.

If you're just looking for the best fridge for a smaller space, the Frigidaire Gallery GRQC2255BF is the best fridge we've reviewed so far and it also happens to be counter depth.

Product image of Galanz GLR18FS5S16 French-door refrigerator
Galanz GLR18FS5S16 French-door refrigerator

The Galanz GLR18FS5S16 is a solid option if you’re willing to sacrifice extra storage space for reliable freezer temps and a sleek, fingerprint resistant exterior.

$1500 at The Home Depot

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