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Everybody is an event photographer with Guestpix

There's never been a better way to capture the moment.

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Just about everyone and their mom is carrying around a fairly good-quality camera in their smartphones. What's a wedding without a selfie with a bride? Or a company retreat without a video of the boss being candid after a few Negronis? Curating all the pictures that party guests take is easier said than done, whether it's getting folks to upload to a cloud service, or digging through countless Instagram accounts.

Guestpix, a new photo-sharing service is helping event planners and party guests capture all those memories to last a lifetime. And more importantly, it's doing it without any apps, registration, or other unnecessary and annoying steps. Guests can upload memories to last a lifetime instantly, so you don't have to worry about living in the moment.

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What is Guestpix?

Guestpix features on apps, smart phones, and tablets.

Guestpix lets you curate memories from any important event like weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

The concept is remarkably simple. Guests snap photos and videos throughout the celebration, whether it's a Christening, a birthday, Quinceanera, Bar mitzvah, or family reunion. Once the event ends, you give your guests a special link, where they can capture all their favorite memories from the big party. A heartfelt first dance at a wedding. A somber eulogy at a funeral. A face full of frosting from a birthday. Setup takes as little as two minutes. These moments can be uploaded quickly and easily and the best part? There's no need to download any apps.

From there, Guestpix lets you turn these snapshots and videos into slideshows to share with the world. You'll be able to download a zip file with all the photos in their original resolutions for up to 12 months. Nothing beats capturing an event than seeing it through the perspectives of every single guest. Guestpix puts you in control of your memories, so you don't have to fuss with all that cumbersome cataloging or finicky hashtags when you're feeling wistful.

How much does Guestpix cost?

Guestpix offers packages depending on how large your guest list is, with pricing starting at just $12. Video uploads are only available in the Medium to Festival tiers, starting at $47. To find out more about its services or to utilize it for your next party, visit Guestpix.

Should you use Guestpix?

We have not tested Guestpix yet, so we can't tell you just yet from experience if it's worth buying. The features that you get for the price are fairly impressive, especially when you take into account that Guestpix can accommodate parties from 12 to 500. Guestpix even works with parties larger than that, though you do have to contact them directly to work out pricing. For tiny to medium-sized get-togethers, the price seems more than worth it, with pricing as low as $12.

Even at the most inexpensive tier, you and your guests can upload unlimited photos and guestbook posts, photo slideshows, private QR codes and URLs, editable QR code Canva templates, and 12-month storage and zip download. If you're in the market for an intuitive way to save memories at a wedding, birthday, company retreat, or other important life event, Guestpix may be worth checking out.

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