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12 popular places to find stylish men's big and tall clothing

Here's where to find a size-inclusive fit for any occasion.

A green rugby shirt, a model in a navy suit, and a model in a plaid shirt-jacket. Credit: Reviewed / Frank and Oak / Bonobos / Asos

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For plus-size and taller men, finding clothing that fits well and offers contemporary style can be a struggle. The sad reality is that most retailers don’t provide extended or “big-and-tall” sizes—that’s anything beyond 2XL or tops and bottoms with longer lengths—and if they do, the selection is often limited.

If you’re in need of a formal shirt that fits a larger chest, pants with some extra length, or jeans that cover wider calves, we’ve rounded up some of the top retailers with extended men’s sizes. For those who are big, tall, or big and tall, the following places are rife with modern clothes that fit those frames.

1. Asos

Models wearing a plaid shirt-jacket, a leather jacket, and a gray blazer.
Credit: Reviewed / Asos

Look to Asos for trend-forward styles in one of the most inclusive size-ranges available.

Asos is a one-stop shop for trendy clothes at accessible prices. Best of all, the retailer has an inclusive size range, from shirts up to a size 6XL, to pants with 48-inch waists to suiting up to a size 58, with many options available in long and tall variations. Whether it's a new pair of skinny jeans, a cozy insulated coat, or fashion-forward patterned shirts, there's something for everyone at Asos. Be sure to check out their Plus Size menswear page to peruse all of their stylish offerings.

Our top picks from Asos:

Shop Asos

2. Men’s Wearhouse

Models wearing a brown golf jacket, a gray suit, and a shearling jacket.
Credit: Reviewed / Men's Wearhouse

We love Men's Wearhouse for finding well-made, high quality wardrobe essentials in a wide range of sizes.

Whether you’re shopping for classic and timeless suits and formalwear, or looking to upgrade your business casual wardrobe, Men’s Wearhouse is a fantastic resource for folks searching for clothing in men’s big and tall sizes. The brand carries short, regular, and long pants in waist sizes 34 to 60 inches, as well as lettered sizes up to 6XLT. We are particularly fond of their inclusive range of suits, which are ideal for an everyday work wardrobe and special events alike.

Our top picks from Men’s Wearhouse:

Shop Men’s Wearhouse

3. Bonobos

Models wearing a white button-up shirt, a navy suit, and a blue polo shirt.
Credit: Reviewed / Bonobos

For well-made wardrobe staples and classics, look no further than Bonobos.

If you’re looking for clothing that’s stylish and smart, Bonobos has plenty of pieces that range from formal to casual wear. The company stocks swimwear and shorts, pants and jeans and business casual shirts that are modern, attractive and chic. It also has a wide selection of moisture-wicking golf apparel and suits and blazers for special occasions.

All tops are available in men’s sizes 2XL to 4XL in standard and tall lengths and bottoms come in waist sizes 38 to 54.

Our top picks from Bonobos:

Shop Bonobos

4. JoS. A. Bank

A model wearing a plaid blazer, a green plaid shirt, and a model wearing a gray suit.
Credit: Reviewed / JoS. A. Bank

Shop JoS. A. Bank to find formalwear and workwear in almost any size.

JoS. A. Bank is already one of our favorite places to rent a suit, so it should come as no surprise that the retailer also sells a wide array of big and tall men’s clothing options. JoS. A. Bank specializes in well-made wardrobe staples, and is an outstanding resource for anyone looking for high-quality blazers, suiting, and even fall and winter-ready knits. This is classic American sports and workwear done exactly right.

Our top picks from JoS. A. Bank:

Shop JoS. A. Bank

5. Frank & Oak

A pair of black jeans, a green rugby shirt, and a yellow turtleneck sweater.
Credit: Reviewed / Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak's inclusive size range is evident in some of their most popular styles.

Canadian direct-to-consumer fashion label Frank & Oak is famous for its stylish jeans, well-made shirts, outerwear, and soft sweaters. But perhaps most of all, the brand stands out because of its dedication to the planet. As far as sustainable brands are concerned, Frank and Oak leads the charge with its innovative recycled fabrics and circular-designed denim. Among men's plus-size shoppers, Frank and Oak is beloved for its inclusive sizing without sacrificing aesthetics.

Our top three picks from Frank & Oak:

Shop Frank & Oak

6. J.Crew

A green polo, a pair of khaki pants, and a multicolored sweater.
Credit: Reviewed / J.Crew

Looking to build a wardrobe of classic American sportswear? J.Crew has you covered.

For classic American sportswear with a contemporary flair, look no further than J.Crew. With men’s standard and tall sizes in shirts up to size XXL and blazers in sizes up to 48L, J.Crew offers well-made wardrobe staples like jeans, polo shirts, sweaters, and more. In 2022, the brand installed designer Brendon Babenzien as the creative lead for menswear, and we love some of his latest additions to the menswear collection.

Our top three picks from J.Crew:

Shop J.Crew

7. Macy's

A model wearing a black jacket, a model wearing blue jeans, and a model wearing a chambray shirt.
Credit: Reviewed / Macy's

Macy's makes it easy to shop for big and tall styles.

Macy's Big & Tall options are some of the most size-inclusive on this list with sizes going up to a men's 6XL in both standard and tall variations. Like Asos, Macy's carries several brands, so you can find new wardrobe essentials from time-tested menswear powerhouses like Polo Ralph Lauren, Champion, Kenneth Cole, and more. Best of all, Macy's allows you to filter by brand, size, and product type to ensure that you can always find your next favorite thing to wear.

Our top three picks from Macy's:

Shop Macy's

8. Nordstrom

A model wearing a blue sweatshirt, a quilted vest, and a model wearing a puffer jacket.
Credit: Reviewed / Nordstrom

Head to Nordstrom to find a wide-range of inclusive sizing.

Head to Nordstrom to elevate your style with some of the industry's top mid-to-top-tier luxury labels. This Barbour Quilted Vest is sure to become a go-to extra layer for chilly weather, but the fun doesn't stop there. Nordstrom has you covered with formalwear, workwear, and casual looks that come in sizes 6XL and sometimes even larger. The famed department store similarly carries men's pants in waist sizes up to 58-inches and suiting up to 56R.

Our top three picks from Nordstrom:

Shop Nordstrom

9. Amazon

Models wearing a black work jacket, a black coverall, and a purple dress shirt.
Credit: Reviewed / Amazon

Amazon's impressive range of big and tall styles for men covers clothes for any occasion from workwear to formal occasions.

While you're shopping for all of your other daily essentials, you might be surprised to find that Amazon also carries an impressive range of men's extended sizes. Whether it's sturdy, dependable workwear like these Carhartt staples, or just a pair of cozy winter pajamas, Amazon has you covered for everything. As an added bonus, you can try on certain clothing items for free with Amazon's Prime Try Before You Buy service.

Our top three picks from Amazon:

Shop Amazon

10. Target

Models wearing white chinos, a white t-shirt printed with a floral print, and a red patterned sweater.
Credit: Reviewed / Target

Shop Target for casual big and tall styles.

When it comes to basics, Target offers a leading example of inclusive sizing. The retailer has three options: big sizes, tall sizes, and big-and-tall sizes. Anyone looking for graphic tees, polos, or jackets can find all of the above in 2XL to 5XL and MT to 5XLT from Target’s in-house brands Goodfellow & Co and Original Use. The brands also offer bottoms in sizes up to 5XL or waist sizes up to 50. Looking for activewear? All In Motion has joggers, hoodies, golf polos, and tights in the same size ranges. Best of all, Target doesn’t upcharge for larger sizes.

You can save even more with free shipping on all orders over $35 by joining the Target RedCard program.

Our top picks from Target:

Shop Target

11. Gap

Models wearing a white T-shirt, a plaid flannel shirt, and a denim jacket.
Credit: Reviewed / Gap

Gap's extended sizing allows you to stay on trend without sacrificing comfort.

If you haven't revisited the Gap since grade school, the time has come to check out their seriously impressive array of well-made everyday wardrobe-essentials. Though the brand offers men's sizes up to XXXL, they're also notable for offering an entire range of clothes in their Tall Shop. Whether its basic jeans and t-shirts, or their trend-aware outerwear and knits, Gap will be your go-to spot to stock up on durable, quality apparel.

Our top three picks from Gap:

Shop Gap

12. Nautica

A model wearing a striped short-sleeve shirt, a blue sweater, and a model wearing a green coat.
Credit: Reviewed / Nautica

With one of the most inclusive size-ranges on this list, Nautica is a one-stop shop for big and tall sizes.

Nautica's modern preppy style was one of the mainstays of classic '90s style, and even 30 years later, the brand still makes high-quality, durable clothes that are meant for everyday life. Nautica's big and tall offerings run up to a size 6X or 4XLT in shirt sizes, and up to a 58-inch waist in short and pant sizes. Unsure if the brand's clothes are still as well made as they used to be, have no fear: We loved them when we tested them out.

Our top three picks from Nautica:

Shop Nautica

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