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10 desserts to try this Valentine’s Day—and everything you need to make them

Whether you’re planning for a date, Galentine’s Day, or solo night in, these will hit the spot.

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Some holidays are just meant for indulging your sweet tooth, and Valentine’s Day is definitely on the top of that list (at least, it is in my book). Regardless of what you have planned for this year’s day of love—a romantic date with your partner, a low-key night with friends, or a solo evening of treating yourself—a heavenly dessert should be on the menu. If you’re looking to indulge in something that’s more than just candy, we have some suggestions to match every palate (and baking skill level).

1. Truffles

Chocolate truffles sprinkled with cocoa powder close-up on the table.
Credit: Getty Images / Alleko

Using a truffle making kit makes this decadent dessert come together in a flash.

Homemade chocolate truffles might sound like an intricate process only mastered by pastry chefs, but they don’t have to be. This base recipe only calls for two or three ingredients, with the opportunity to make the truffles your own by adding whatever flavor is calling your name (espresso, Oreo, mint, etc.).

Or you can make homemade truffles the star of your date night, with this Truffle making kit which includes all the ingredients and tools you need to bring it all together (minus the cream).

$25 at Uncommon Goods

2. Chocolate-covered fruit

Composition with ingredients for chocolate fondue on gray table.
Credit: Getty Images / AtlasStudio

Chocolate fondue is a luxurious treat, perfect for Valentine's Day.

Let’s be real: Almost nothing is as sexy as chocolate fondue. The melty, decadent liquid makes everything from shortbread cookies and pretzels to strawberries and bananas go from a mundane snack to a bite of luxury. That’s why we’re convinced that sharing your evening over a good fondue pot—we recommend the Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker—will take your Valentine’s-night-in to the next level. This easy-to-use appliance even comes with a booklet full of recipes, both sweet and savory, to get you started.

$80 at Amazon

3. Heart-shaped cookies

Cookie dough shaped into heart shapes with stencils and other baking tools on marble countertop
Credit: Getty Images / Anilakkus

A heart-shaped stencil makes baking something special for your loved one easy.

Sometimes the best things in life are a little corny. A fresh batch of heart-shaped cookies with decorative frosting goes a long way—either in showing your partner or kids how much you care, or in a love letter to yourself.

It doesn’t have to be a huge project, either: Just grab a pack of pre-made cookie dough, roll it out until it’s in one big piece, then use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to personalize your cookie shape. These cutters also work great with fresh fruit, like pineapple and kiwi, for an easy-yet-special V-Day-themed breakfast.

$7 at Amazon

4. Chocolate lava cake

Lava cake and fresh raspberries and a sprinkling of icing sugar.
Credit: Getty Images / Onepony

All you need is an Instant Pot and some ramekins to bring this easy recipe together.

There’s an inherent romantic appeal to an oozing and warm chocolate lava cake. It might seem like a major feat to pull off a recipe like this, but if you have an Instant Pot, you can whip up this easy lava cake recipe in 9 minutes. Just don’t forget the ramekins.

$200 at Amazon

$15 at Amazon

5. French macarons

Four rows of colorful French macarons shot from above
Credit: Getty Images / LauriPatterson

A handy macaron kit helps these beauties come to life easily—even for beginners.

Wow your friend group or significant other by whipping up a batch of fresh French macarons that look like they came out of a Parisian bakery. This beginner’s recipe is traditionally gluten-free, and it comes together easily with a handy macaron kit, which includes a reusable baking mat with traceable guidelines for the perfect macaron shape, plus pastry bags and piping tips to help it all come together.

$20 at Amazon

6. Cake pops

Sweet Homemade Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Pops on a Plate
Credit: Getty Images / Bhofack2

These homemade treats aren't too much of a challenge when you have a cake pop kit.

Who can resist those alluring spheres of sweet, cakey goodness that stare back at you in cafe display windows? Certainly not me. Bring that magical feeling to your Valentine’s baking date with this recipe and a cake pop kit that’ll help make your couples’ baking session less stressful and more fun.

$37 at Amazon

7. Sweet crêpes

Crepes with Chocolate Sauce, Powdered Sugar, Nuts and Fresh Berries
Credit: Getty Images / LauriPatterson

Use a crêpe maker to make your V-Day at home feel like a Parisian escape.

Transport yourself to an al fresco European café with sweet homemade crêpes, a dessert that feels high-effort but isn’t really.

Our recipe calls for a crêpe maker (or non-stick pan), ingredients that are probably already in your fridge, and 30 minutes worth of prep.

When it comes to filling, you can’t go wrong with Nutella (store-bought or homemade) and some fresh fruit like strawberries or bananas. But feel free to get creative with options like cream cheese and blueberries, or lemon and ricotta, or go all out and try your hand at a crêpe cake.

$28 at Amazon

8. Homemade ice cream

Homemade raspberry ice cream churning in a small professional  ice cream machine.
Credit: Getty Images / TinaDreamworld

Creating your own ice cream flavor is a fun way to spend Valentine's Day—all you need is a machine.

Too cold for ice cream? Never! Put aside the Ben & Jerry's and spend Valentine's Day making your own with an ice cream maker. (Our favorite after testing is the Ninja Creami.) Create a new ice cream flavor by combining you and your partner’s favorites, indulge in making your own go-to flavor, or experiment with the classics by adding ingredients and making something new.

$195 at Amazon

9. PB Blossom cookies

Peanut butter blossom cookies on cutting board, macro view of rows of cookies
Credit: Getty Images / Jen Tepp

These nostalgic cookies come together in a snap with a good cookie scoop.

It’s not Valentine’s day without a kiss. These nostalgic Hershey’s Kiss cookies are bound to conjure all the joyful, nostalgic feelings of your childhood.

Make them extra festive by swapping the traditional kisses for seasonal Hershey’s Kiss Roses, which have a velvety chocolate center that take this dessert to the next level. We love this recipe, and recommend using a cookie scoop to ease the baking process.

$17 at Amazon

10. Baked by Melissa cupcakes

A spread of Baked By Melissa's mini cupcakes on a pink background
Credit: Baked By Melissa

Baked By Melissa offers Valentine's Day cupcake packs that'll help you skip the baking.

Don’t feel like baking? This is your sign to get professionally baked goodies sent straight to your door—no one has to know you didn’t whip them up yourself.

We tried Baked by Melissa’s mini cupcakes and couldn’t get enough. Plus, the brand offers special Valentine’s Day packs that are photo-ready and perfect for sharing with loved ones.

Shop at Baked By Melissa

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