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These weighted blanket hoodies help put anxiety to rest

Heavy sweatshirts with the comfort of a warm hug

On left, person smiling while wearing pink weighted hoodie with hand in pocket. In middle, navy blue weighted zip-up hoodie. On right, person wears sand colored pullover hoodie with hands inside of front pocket. Credit: Reviewed / Thera / Uncommon Goods / Cmfrt

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As the weather changes from summer to fall and the nights get chilly, you may find yourself reaching for your favorite hoodie. But wouldn’t it be even better if that hoodie had built-in anxiety relief properties? Inspired by the popularity of weighted blankets, there are a handful of heavy-weight hoodies that offer similar benefits when lounging around the house or heading out and about.

In preparation for the influx of seasonal depression, we pulled together a list of the internet’s favorite weighted hoodies. Whether you cuddle up in one for daily comfort or to ease a panic attack, here are some options for when extra weight may benefit your mental health.

1. Weighted Relaxation Hoodie

On left, gray and navy weighted hoodies stacked on top of each other. On right, navy blue quilted weighted hoodie.
Credit: Reviewed / Uncommon Goods

You won't need an extra blanket to snuggle up with while wearing this quilted Weighted Relaxation Hoodie from Uncommon Goods.

This zip-up Weighted Relaxation Hoodie from Uncommon Goods offers 10 pounds of weight for your wardrobe. Similar to a weighted blanket, the fabric is quilted to contain glass beads, which provide equally distributed weight throughout.

The sweatshirt is also designed to provide “deep-touch stimulation” in the shoulders, where anxiety-havers know much of their stress can be stored. We suggest this product for a cozy day at home, or for a camping trip when the extra 10 pounds will keep you snug as a bug the whole night through.

Product image of Weighted Relaxation Hoodie
Weighted Relaxation Hoodie

Bring a sense of calm with you while you're away from home with this warm and snug Weighted Relaxation Hoodie.

$158 at Uncommon Goods

2. Weighted Fleece Therahoodie

On left, model smiles and poses in plush, pink weighted hoodie with one hand in pocket. On right, model smiles and sits with legs crossed while wearing blue weighted hoodie.
Credit: Reviewed / Thera

Thera's hooded jackets can help keep your body warm and your mind calm.

Looking for something with a little more color? Therahoodie promotes comfort and hue with five color options of its weighted fleece. Just like Uncommon Goods’, this hoodie is quilted and weighs 10 pounds—it just extends your choice in color. The company suggests this sweatshirt for travel anxiety, as a sleep aid, and of course, everyday anxiety.

It’s also endorsed as a tool for neurodivergent buyers who are looking to ease sensory input. Reviewers also touted the jacket as an aid in eating disorder recovery and as a great comfort when working through common sickness.

Product image of Weighted Fleece Therahoodie
Weighted Fleece Therahoodie

Center yourself with this 10-pound weighted Fleece Therahoodie that feels like nothing short of a big hug.

$158 at Thera

3. Weighted Minky Therahoodie

Model poses while sitting and standing while wearing a plush, midnight blue weighted hoodie.
Credit: Reviewed / Thera

Fall is the ideal season to a few layers of extra fabric. This Minky Therahoodie offers a great way to do so.

Maybe you’re a fan of Therahoodie after that last blurb but aren’t digging its quilted look. Good news: You can up your glamor with a weighted Minky hoodie from the same brand.

Fashioned after animal fur, this jacket is designed exactly like the fleece, except it’s soft as a dream. This one is also designed for even weight distribution, so you can wear your extra 10 pounds with a different fashion flare.

Product image of Weighted Minky Therahoodie
Weighted Minky Therahoodie

This plush hoodie uses deep touch stimulation therapy to help calm your nervous system.

$158 at Thera

4. Sviwdsk Weighted Blanket Sweatshirt

Model poses and shows the front, back and side of a gray, full-length weighted blanket hoodie.
Credit: Reviewed / Sviwdsk

Sviwdsk lets you sport a weighted blanket in public without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

The prices of weighted jackets (and blankets) can be steep. If you’re looking for an affordable option to try the concept of weight first, this Sviwdsk Weighted Blanket Sweatshirt from Amazon may be the perfect fit. Not only can you wear this sweatshirt like a coat, but it’s big enough to double as a blanket. The range of color options is unfortunately small, with just navy and gray to choose from.

But if it’s comfort you’re looking for, this Sviwdsk blanket hoodie is designed for comfort… not necessarily appearance. Reviewers have averaged a 4.3 approval rating, with some commenting that the “weighted” design won’t literally weigh you down like a full 10-pound pick might.

Product image of Sviwdsk Weighted Blanket Sweatshirt
Sviwdsk Weighted Blanket Sweatshirt

The Sviwdsk Weighted Blanket Sweatshirt allows you to feel completely engulfed in comfort—without feeling swallowed.

$32 at Amazon

5. Comfrt Signature Fit Hoodie

Models pose in gray and black weighted hoodie sweatsuits.
Credit: Reviewed / Cmfrt

Cmfrt's stylish luxe hoodies have us rethinking how many different ways weighted loungewear can be worn.

The Comfrt brand offers a sleek and stylish version of weighted fashion that will up your streetwear game. Available in four neutral colors—Bone, Onyx Black, Steel Grey, and Bark—the selection is reminiscent of fashion showstoppers like Skims, with an added bonus of… comfrt. The super-soft fabric is created with anxiety in mind, as is the weight of the hoodie itself. It also boasts a “kangaroo pocket” and oversized hood.

If you’re looking for something “slightly weighted” that won’t hold you back from daily activities, Comfrt may be the best place to start.

No matter your style, routine, or level of anxiety, there’s weighted wear on the market for your toughest days. And with anxiety in mind—or a simple desire for an extra layer of cozy—we’re betting this wardrobe choice will lull you into blissful relaxation.

Product image of Comfrt Signature Fit Hoodie
Comfrt Signature Fit Hoodie

The Comfrt Signature Fit Hoodie has a stylish appeal we greatly appreciate.

$69 at Comfrt

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